Welcome To Competitive Yield Farming on BSC

Polaris is a decentralized competitive yield farming platform and launchpad on Binance Smart Chain that incentivizes on-chain liquidity through Supernova Geysers.

What Are
Supernovas Geysers? ⟶


Long-Term Liquidity Provision Incentives

With Supernova pools, the more liquidity you provide, and for longer, the greater share of the pool you receive. This mitigates the issue of participants staking assets and immediately dumping rewards.

Competitive Yield Farming

Your POLAR tokens can be spent when unstaking to gain an immediate bonus multiplier on rewards received. This additional layer of gamification allows users with fewer staked assets to compete with those with greater.

Decentralized Launchpad

Soon, anyone will be able to spend POLAR to create their own Supernova Geyser on demand. This makes it simple for newer projects to bootstrap their own liquidity mining program and receive additional project funds in the form of POLAR.

Start Earning POLAR⟶

Stake Your Tokens To Earn POLAR

You can earn POLAR by staking in the pools with a standard 4% deposit fee. Half of all fees go towards funding the wBNB Supernova which is farmable with POLAR-BNB. You can also stake POLAR LP tokens (no deposit fees) and earn up to 70x bonus multiplier on your emissions. POLAR has a maximum supply of 500,000.

Spend Your POLAR To Gain Multipliers On Your Harvest

Accumulate POLAR to spend in Supernova Geyers and receive additional multipliers on your rewards. When you harvest, you have the option to spend additional POLAR and multiply (2x, 3x, etc) your rewards.