Welcome To Next Generation Liquidity Mining

Polaris is an open protocol that allows anyone to easily create secure liquidity mining pools. These pools ("Supernovas") incentivizes long-term liquidity provision and accrue value back to the POLAR token.

Pools? ⟶

Deploy A Secure Farm in Minutes

Polaris allows anyone to create a safe & secure yield farms on demand and immediately start attracting liquidity  New projects can easily bootstrap liquidity and receiving additional project funds in the form of POLAR tokens. No special development is required!

Long-Term Liquidity Provision Incentives

In Supernova pools, the more liquidity users provide, and for longer, the more rewards they receive. This mitigates the issue of participants staking assets and immediately dumping rewards, which creates greater price stability.

Utility and Value Accrual for Token Holders

Users can spend POLAR tokens when unstaking and harvesting to gain an immediate bonus multiplier on rewards received. In addition, 2% of every funded pool is sent to the Polaris treasury and will be perpetually airdropped to POLAR holders.

Start Using Polaris ⟶

Teams: Deploy Your Own Farm in Minutes

As a project owner, you can deploy your own farm with just a few clicks and immediately start attracting liquidity for your token. You can decide the rewards, duration and bonuses. All contracts have been battle-tested to be 100% safe and secure.

Farmers: Spend POLAR To Gain Multipliers On Harvests

As a user, you can earn multiples (2x, 3x, etc.) on your rewards from any of the Supernova pools by spending POLAR during your harvest. This allows POLAR holders to gain a huge advantage over non-holders when farming the same pools.